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Details Widening & Replacement of Superstructure for Dual Bridges on I-895 over Herring Run Baltimore City Contract HT-774-000-002; I-95 Widening & Noise Walls from Hazelwood Ave. to I-695 & Miscellaneous Improvements Contract KH-982-000-006; JFK Memorial Highway Reconstruct I-95 & Rte 22 Interchanges Contract KH-875-000-006; JFK Memorial Highway Construct Noise Walls & ...More

CW/08/22/053 91 MSA T4459-91
Details TFA 2-9630-10 Install Drainage Troughs-Tydings Bridge; TFA 2-9950-10 Remove Existing Ramp Toll Collection Systems; TFA 2-9960-10 Resurface Toll Booth Lanes; TFA 2-9990-10 Install Gutters & Downspouts at Chesapeake House; TFA 6-1370-10 Median Safety Reconstruction-Susquehanna River to Bouchelle Rd.; TFA 6-1380-10 Interchange Modifications at MD RTE 24; TFA 6-1670-10 Signing at ...More

CW/08/10/051 27 MSA T4459-27
Details TFA 2-1010-50 Emergency Repairs to the Facia Girder-Bridge over Frankfurst Avenue; TFA 2-1100-50 Rehab. Hinges-Span #1 of the Bayview Yards Bridge; TFA 2 1150-50R Bridge Deck Overlay-Erdman Ave. & Moravia Road; TFA 2-1160-50 Reconstr. Salt Dome & Construction Metal Storage Bldg. Moravia Road Interchange; TFA 2-1430-50 Window Replacement-Administration Bldg.; TFA ...More

CW/08/08/049 13 MSA T4459-13
Details Tax Maps NOTE: T-4463, Cross Section Paper/Mylar/Linen Standard Drawings SHA Traffic/Erosion & Sediment; Location & Mile Marker Maps; SHA & Other Plans Adjacent to MDTA Facilities; Old Engineering/Maintenance Work Drawings Choptank River Crossing Studies CW/08/15/054 60 MSA T4459-60
Details Shop Drawings; PB 14-1 Shop Drawings; PB 15-1 Shop Drawings; PB 16-1 Shop Drawings CW/08/13/051 45 MSA T4459-45
Details Right of Way Plats: FSK Bridge & Approaches Ritchie Highway to FSK Bridge; FSK Bridge & Approaches FSK Bridge to North Point Blvd.; William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge Original Span; William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge Parallel Span to Present; Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge; Harry W. Nice Memorial ...More

CW/08/16/049 61 MSA T4459-61
Details Right of Way Plats NE 108, NE 109, NE 110, FMT, FMT, Original Right of Way Plats All Facilities NOTE: T-4460 SHA County Maps, USC&GS Quad Maps NOTE: T-4461 CRA Landscape Design Wetland Topgrophic Plans NOTE: T-4462 CW/08/15/053 59 MSA T4459-59
Details Rehab of Point Breeze Railroad Track & Vail Street Entrance Maintenance of Traffice Plan Contract PB-915-000-002; Constructin of North Approach to FSK Bridge I-695 from Bear Creek to North of Rte. 151 Highway Lighting Plan Contract KB-421-000-006; William Preston Lane, JR Memorial Bridge 1/2 mile Extension of the Dedicated E-Z ...More

CW/08/22/051 89 MSA T4459-89
Details PT 129 Pulaski Highway to Baltimore City Line; PT 130 Traffic Appurtenances (signing); PT 131 Landscaping-West Approach; PT 132 Landscaping-South Approach; PT 133 Landscaping-North Approach; PT 135 Fairfield Bulkhead; PT 136 Sunscreen; PT 137 Traffic Controls, Signs & Signal (incl. neon signs); PT 138 Restoration of Canton Waterfront; HT 223 ...More

CW/08/07/052 10 MSA T4459-10
Details PT 121 Shop Drawings; PT 121 Shop Drawings; HT 546 Auto & Sign Shop Bldg. (no org. blue print copies); PT 123 Administration Bldg. Renos & Toll Plaza HVAC Mods.; PT 125-2 Roadway Lighting Power Distribution; PT 128-1 Emergency Tractors for Tunnel; PT 128-2 Tunnel Washing Equipment; PT 128-3 Tunnel ...More

CW/08/07/051 9 MSA T4459-9
Details PT 119 Canton Viaduct-Shop Drawings; PT 119 Canton Viaduct-Shop Drawings; PT 119 Canton Viaduct-Shop Drawings; PT 119 Canton Viaduct-Shop Drawings; CW/08/07/049 7 MSA T4459-7
Details PT 119 Canton Viaduct-Shop Drawings; PT 119 Canton Viaduct-Shop Drawings; HT 329, Landscaping; HT 731 Boston Street Repairs; HT 375 Boston/O'Donnell/Canton Street Painting/Bearing Repairs; PT 120 500 Ft. West of Boston Street to Bayview Yards; PT 120 Shop Drawings; PT 121 Bayview Railroad Yards Bridge; PT 122 Bayview Yards to ...More

CW/08/07/050 8 MSA T4459-8
Details PT 115 Electrical Installation; PT 116 Tunnel Pumping Equipment; PT 117 Fairfield & Canton Service Roadways; PT 118 Canton Viaduct-Substructure; PT 119, Canton Viaduct-Superstructure; PT 119 Canton Viaduct-Shop Drawings; PT 119, Canton Viaduct-Shop Drawings; PT 119 Canton Viaduct-Shop Drawings CW/08/06/054 6 MSA T4459-6
Details PT 110 Fairfield Land Section incl. Tunnel Appr.; HT 795 Modifications to ventilation; PT 111 Fairfield Ventilation Building; HT 844 Replace Water Main; PT 112 Canton Land Section incl. Tunnel Appr.; HT 190 Rehab Canton Vent Bldg.; PT 113 Canton Ventilation Bldg.; PT 114 Fairfield Service Bldg. & Emergency Garages CW/08/06/053 5 MSA T4459-5
Details PT 106 East of Hanover Street to Frankfurst Ave. incl. relocated Frankfurst Ave.; PT 106 Shop Drawings; PT 107 Frankfurst Ave. to West of Tunnel Portal; PT 108 River Tunnel & Shaft; PT 109 Ventilation Fans, Motors & Transmission; HT 918 Rehabilitate Portal Entrance CW/08/06/052 4 MSA T4459-4
Details PT 102 West Approach Expressway-Hammonds Ferry Road to East of B&O Railroad; HT 793 Slope Repairs Ritchie Spur to I-295; PT 103 East of B&O Railroad to Ritchie Spur Split Incl. Patapsco Flats Bridge; PT 104 South Approach Expressway-Ritchie Hwy. to North of Belle Grove Road; PT 104 Shop Drawings; ...More

CW/08/06/051 3 MSA T4459-3
Details PT 101-102 Graphs & Cross Sections; PT 103-104 Cross Sections; PT 105, 108, 110 Cross Sections; PT 112, 117, 118, 120 Graphs & Cross Sections; PT 121-129 Graphs & Cross Sections CW/08/06/049 1 MSA T4459-1
Details Police & Automotive Shop Facility, William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge Chesapeake Bay Contract PB 13-1, PB 14-1, LB-764-000-006 CW/08/21/052 84 MSA T4459-84
Details Photogrammetry; BRB 6-909 Install Diversion Variable Message Signs BHT, FMT, FSK; MA 368-000-006 ATACS-Automated Toll Audit & Control System; Truck Parking-Pavement Markings; KH 488-000-006 Truck Inspection Facility; TWS I-70; TWS US 48; TWS I-270 CW/08/10/054 30 MSA T4459-30
Details PB 16-1 Shop Drawings; PB 1-1, 2-2 Cross Sections; PB 7-1 Shop Drawings CW/08/13/052 46 MSA T4459-46
Details PB 12-1 Shop Drawings; PB 13-1 Shop Drawings; PB 13-1 Shop Drawings CW/08/13/053 47 MSA T4459-47
Details OT 5-1 Land & Water Borings Hawkins Pt. to Sollers Pt.; OT 5-2 Land & Water Borings; OT 5-3 Land & Water Borings; OT 6-1 Causeway & Toll Plaza Embarkment; OT 6-3 Grading & Adjustment to Approach Embankment; KB477-000-000 Rehab Electric & Mechanical Operating Systems & Deck Repairs to Curtis ...More

CW/08/11/052 34 MSA T4459-34
Details OT 24-2 Shop Drawings; B492-501-476 Rdwy. Lighting MD 695 at MD RTE 151, MD RTE 20 & Beth. Blvd.; KB 286 Landscaping I-695 from RTE 2 to South Approach of KB; OT 27 Signing MD RTE 3 to Cove Road; OT 28-3 Landscaping Sollers Point Interchange; BRB 4-563-1 Constr. of ...More

CW/08/12/051 39 MSA T4459-39
Details OT 21-3 Shop Drawings; OT 22-2 Sparrows Point Viaduct Substructure & Grading Section; OT 22-3 Sparrows Point Viaduct Superstructure & Paving Section; OT 23-2 Sparrows Point Viaduct Substructure & Grading Section; OT 23-3 Sparrows Point Viaduct Superstructure & Paving Section; OT 24-1 Soil Borings; OT 24-2 North Point Blvd. Interchange; ...More

CW/08/12/050 38 MSA T4459-38
Details OT 19-1 Bear Creek Bridge Substructure; OT 20-1 Bear Creek Bridge Superstructure; OT 20-1 Shop Drawings; OT 21-2 Sparrows Point Viaduct Substructure & Grading Section; OT 21-3 Sparrows Point Viaduct Superstructure & Paving Section; OT 21-3 Shop Drawings CW/08/12/049 37 MSA T4459-37
Details OT 13 Shop Drawings; KB 678 Misc. Bldg. Renovations; OT 14 Roadway & Navigational Lighting & Traffic Control; OT 15-1 Administration Bldg., Toll Plaza, Toll Booths & Canopy; OT 15-2 Roadway Paving, Toll Plaza & Administration Area; OT 17-1 Sollers Point Interchange & Approach Rdwys Grading; OT 17-2 Sollers Point ...More

CW/08/11/054 36 MSA T4459-36
Details OT 12 Shop Drawings; OT 13 Shop Drawings CW/08/11/053 35 MSA T4459-35
Details New Facility MTFP Headquarters Academy Contract KB-383-000-000; Site Plan Development Parcel C H.E.A.T. Center; JFK Memorial Highway Milling & Resurfacing of I-95 Northbound from Raphael Road to Bradshaw Road Contract KH-839-000-002; I-95 FMT Security Measures Around FMT West Ventilation Bldg. Fencing & Gates; Rehab of Point Breeze Railroad Tract & ...More

CW/08/22/050 88 MSA T4459-88
Details NE-106 I-95 North of Bush Chapel Rd. to Susquehanna River Contract H268-1-420, H394-4-420, H394-5-420, H394-8-423, H422-1-420; Northeastern Expressway Contract NE-100, NE-103, NE-110; Northeastern Expressway Contract NE-110, CE-27-1, NE-107; Reconstruction of Hawkins Point Road (115 plats); Northeastern Expressway Harford County NE-105, NE-103, NE-104; Ft. McHenry Tunnel Facility Rehab of I-95 from ...More

CW/08/21/054 86 MSA T4459-86
Details NE 527 Tydings Bridge-Deck Inspection; NE 602 Interchange Modifications at MD RTE 279; NE 603 High Mast Lighting-MD House Service Area; NE 604 Median Safety Reconstruction-MD House Service Area to Susquehanna River; TFA 2-1460-10 Bridge Deck Rehab. MD RTE 222; TFA 2-1540-10 Rehabilitation MD RTE 272 Bridge; TFA 2-1721-10 Bridge ...More

CW/08/10/050 26 MSA T4459-26
Details NE 374 Susquehanna River Bridge (Tydings) Median Barrier Lighting; NE 375 Roadway Interchange Lighting, MD RTE 152, MD RTE 155; NE 381 Additions & Modifications to Administration Bldg.; NE 385-1 Canopy Construction-MD House Service Stations; NE 391 Reconstruction & Overlayment of North Bound Expressway over U.S. Route 222; NE 393R ...More

CW/08/10/049 25 MSA T4459-25
Details NE 367 Widening-North of Red Toad Road to B&O Railroad Bridge; NE 368 Widening-B&O Railroad Bridge to the MD/Delaware Line; NE 369 North Service Area (Chesapeake House); NE 369A North Service Area (Chesapeake Hosue) Site Constr.; NE 369-5A North Service Area (Chesapeake House) Landscape Planting-Phase 1; NE 369-10 North Service ...More

CW/08/09/054 24 MSA T4459-24
Details NE 107 Cross Sections; NE 110 Cross Sections; NE 110 Cross Sections-MD RTE 279/I-95 Interchange CW/08/08/054 18 MSA T4459-18
Details NE 103 JFK-Whitemarsh Blvd. to North of MD RTE 152; NE 104 JFK-North of MD RTE 24 to South of MD RTE 24; NE 104 Shop Drawings; NE 105 JFK-North of MD RTE 24 to South of MD RTE 22; H 394-8-420 N.E. Expressway Underpass at MD 155 relocated; NE ...More

CW/08/09/050 20 MSA T4459-20
Details NB 495-000-002 Renovation of Maintenance Bldg. & Bridge Access Ladder Modification; NB 579-000-002 Fender System Replacement at Piers 14, 15, Main Span; NB 623-000-006 Toll Plaza Modifications; NB 688 Shoreline Rip Rapping; NB 714 Roof Rehab Maintenance Bldg. Mod. Administration Bldg.; NB 849 Resurface Maintenance Parking Lot Widen Shoulder & ...More

CW/08/15/052 58 MSA T4459-58
Details MPA Entrance Gate Facility-Seagirt Marine Terminal; MPA 288928 Phase 1 & 2 Construction-Intermodal Container Transfer Facility-Seagirt Marine Terminal; MPA 289910 Berth III-Utilities, Lighting & Subbase-Seagirt; MPA 292910 Marine Service Bldg. H-Berth #2 Seagirt; Topo; Other agency contracts adjacent to BHT Facilities CW/08/08/052 16 MSA T4459-16
Details Miscellaneous; HT 273-000-00 Grind & Resurface South of the Tunnel; HT 375 000-002 Cleaning Painting & Miscellaneous Repairs to I-895 Bridges over O'Donnell, Boston & Canton Railroad; HT 476-000-00 Roof Replacement Canton & Fairfield Vent Bldgs.; NE 103 NE 106 Cross Sections; NE 105, NE 1-6 Cross Sections CW/08/08/053 17 MSA T4459-17
Details Marriot-Chesapeake House CW/08/11/050 32 MSA T4459-32
Details MA 573-000-000 High Mast Poles & Overhead Sign Structures; MA 870-000-002 PIN Replacement; MA 590 Reforrestation & Landscaping FMT BHT FSK; MA 950-000-002 Overhead Sign & High Mast Inspection; MA 991-000-002 Pnumatically Applied Mortar Repairs; LB 356-000-000 Replace Emergency Generators; MA 379-000-002 Install Emergency Generators at BHT & JFK Administration ...More

CW/08/16/050 62 MSA T4459-62
Details MA 253-000-002 Electric Switchgear & Roadway Lighting; MA 622 Improvements to Emergency Generator; MA 316 Install CCTV System along I-95 & 895; MA 208 Install DMS Pads Shazaam & Canopy Lighting; MA 328 AOC Relocation; KG 614-000-006 CVISN Signing for SB TWS; MA 483-000-000 Upgrade & Replace Exisiting Signing Southern ...More

CW/08/16/053 65 MSA T4459-65
Details LB 734 Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge Toll Plaza Modifications Contrct NB-623-000-006; Toll Facilities Administration Susquehanna River Bridge Contract BRB-2-723 Bridge Rehab; Toll Facilities Administration Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway Widening of the Canton Viaduct Contract BRB-9-747; Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sandy Point-Kent Island Contract CBB-12-1-87 Superstructure; Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sandy Point-Kent ...More

CW/08/22/049 87 MSA T4459-87
Details LB 287-000-006 Landscaping Toll Plaza Complex; LB 341-000-002 Renovations to Administration Bldg. & Toll Plaza; LB 146-000-006R Landscaping Safety Improvements; TFA 1-9580-40 Backwall Repairs to East Abutment Original Span; TFA 6-1340-40 Realign West Approach to Toll Plaza; LB 235-000-006 Replace Broken Conduit 7 Wire at Gantry N-11 to Anchor Pier; ...More

CW/08/14/052 52 MSA T4459-52
Details KH 994-000-002 Replace Emergency Generators at the Chesapeake House Service Area; KH 933-000-002 Slope Repairs-Hazelwood to Little N.E. Creek; KH 498-000-002 Clean, Paint & Repair to Various Bridges; KH 760-000-002 Overhead Signs; Possible Park & Ride at 24 & 924/Woodsdale; MA 379-000-002 Install Emergency Generators at BHT & JFK Administration ...More

CW/08/11/049 31 MSA T4459-31
Details KH 947 Signs & Gates Toll for Plaza; KH 992 High Mast Lighting; NE 107 JFK-Susquehanna River to North of U.S. RTE 22; NE 108 JFK-North of U.S. RTE 22 to North of MD RTE 272; KH 324-000-006 Landscaping I-95 from MD 222 to MD 272; NE 108 Master Soil ...More

CW/08/09/051 21 MSA T4459-21
Details KH 883-000-006 JFK Toll Plaza Approach Signing; KH 232-000-002 Expansion of Parking Lot, New Salt Dome at Maintenance II & Fuel Island Canpoies at Maintenance I & II CW/08/11/051 33 MSA T4459-33
Details KH 802-000-002R Storage Bldg. Renovations; NE 207 Perryville Water Supply; NE 301 Toll Plaza Additions; NE 302 Toll Booth & Canopy Additions; NE 304 Additions & Alterations to MD House Service Station Bldgs.; NE 318 Additions & Alterations to MD House Restaurant; NE 320 Metal Storage Bldgs.-Maintenance 1 & 2; ...More

CW/08/09/053 23 MSA T4459-23
Details KH 662 Improve to Maintenance Bldg. 1; KH 663-000-002 Improve to Maintenance Bldg. 2; KH 846-000-002 Resurface Access Ramps, Parking Lots & Modifications to Entrance Ramps at the Chesapeake House; KH 671-000-002 Replacement of Chesaco, Hazelwood & Kenwood Ave. Bridges over I-95; KH 672-000-002 Replacement of King Ave. Bridge over ...More

CW/08/10/053 29 MSA T4459-29
Details KH 560-000-002 Renovations to Administration Bldg.; NE 111-2 Roadway Lighting Susquehanna River to Delaware Line; NE 111-1 Roadway Lighting-White Marsh Blvd. to Susquehanna River; NE 112 Toll Collection Equipment & Related Work; NE 113 Administration Bldg., Toll Plaza Construction; KH 989-000-002 Repairs to MD House & Site Work; NE 114 ...More

CW/08/09/052 22 MSA T4459-22
Details KH 359-000-002 Bridge Repl.-Clayton Rd. & New Forge Rd. over I-95; KH 360-000-002 Bridge Repl.-Raphael Rd. & Joppa Rd. over I-95; KH 479-000-006 Widening JFK Hwy. from I-695 to MD RTE 43; KH 503-000-002 Removal of Ex. Sewage Treatment Plant-Chesapeake House; KH 540-000-002 Repair Bearing Pads I-95 over MD RTE ...More

CW/08/10/052 28 MSA T4459-28
Details KH 219-000-002 Miscellaneous Repairs to the M.E. Tydings; NE 101 Millard Tydings Bridge Substructure; NE 101-102 Boring Logs; NE 102 Millard Tydings Bridge-Superstructure; standard drawings for I-95; NE 102 Shop Drawings; NE 102 Shop Drawings; NE 103-104 Shop Drawings CW/08/09/049 19 MSA T4459-19
Details KB 735-000-002 Rehabilitation of Bridge over Bear Creek Innter Loop I-695 CW/08/13/050 44 MSA T4459-44
Details KB 706-000-002 Parallel Bridge over Bear Creek (Outer Loop I-695; Kb 675-000-002/6 Soil Borings; CW/08/13/049 43 MSA T4459-43
Details KB 670-000-002 Widening & Rehab of the Toll Plaza & Approach Roadway; Topo; KB 278-000-002 Access Road & Parking Lot Mods CW/08/12/054 42 MSA T4459-42
Details Install CCTV System along I-95, I-895, FSK, HWN, TJH Camera Site 44 Contract MA-490-000-006; Reconstruction of Hawkins Point Road Bridge & Roadway Improvements West of Chemical Rd. to 500 feet West of Quarantine Rd. CW/08/22/052 90 MSA T4459-90
Details I-95 Widening & Noise Walls from Hazelwood Ave. to I-695 & Miscellaneous Improvements Contract KH-982-000-006; Ft. McHenry Tunnel Facility Rehab of I-95 from North end of Tunnel to I-895 Contract FT-458-000-006; FSK Bridge Broening Highway Noise Wall Extension North of Avon Beach Rd. to I-695 Contract KB-396-000-006; JFK Memorial Highway ...More

CW/08/22/054 92 MSA T4459-92
Details I-95 Toll Plaza Wetland Mitigation; Shop Drawings; B818-1-420, 682-17-420 B. Whitemarsh Blvd. Interchange; B 818-1-420, 682-1-420 B Whitemarsh Blvd. Interchange Cross Sections; B 682-57-472 I-95, City Line to Whitemarsh Blvd. & I-695, RTE 7 to Radecke Avenue; B 682-7, 14, 15, 16-420 I-95 from Beltway towards Silver Spring Road; B ...More

CW/08/17/050 68 MSA T4459-68
Details I-95 Toll Plaza Wetland Mitigation; Shop Drawings; B818-1-420, 682-17-420 B. Whitemarsh Blvd. Interchange; B 818-1-420, 682-1-420 B Whitemarsh Blvd. Interchange Cross Sections CW/08/17/049 67 MSA T4459-67
Details HT 284-000-006 Noise Abatement Wall-Riverside Community; HT 289-000-006 Landscaping-Toll Plaza Complex; HT-340-000-002 Renovations to Service Bldg. & Fairfield Emergency Garage; HT-361-000-002 Bridge Rehab.-MD 295 (Balto-Wash Expressway) over I-895; HT 140 Ramp Repairs; HT 390-000-002/006 Roadway Rehabilitation of North of Toll Plaza; HT-391-000-002/006 Roadway Rehabilitation South of Toll Plaza; TH 401 ...More

CW/08/08/050 14 MSA T4459-14
Details HT 265-000-002R Deck Overlay & Miscellaneous Repairs to the K Truss; HT 375-000-002 Cleaning Painting & Miscellaneous Repairs to 895 Bridges over O'Donnell, Boston & Canton Railroad; KH 232-000-002 Expansion of Parking Lot, New Salt Dome at Maintenance II, and Fuel Island Canopies at Maintenance I & II; KH 319-000-002 ...More

CW/08/16/051 63 MSA T4459-63
Details HB 367-000-007 Modifications to Administration Bldg., Toll Plaza & Construction of Truck Inspection Facilities; HB 263-000-007 Install Temp Precast Concrete Trf. Barrier on US 40 Bridge over the Susquehanna River; HB 367-000-007 Shop Drawings; NB 230-000-002 New Metal Building Truck Wash Salt Dome CW/08/15/050 56 MSA T4459-56
Details FT 647 Structural Repairs to 95 viaduct from Canton Railroad to Herring Run; FT 420 Variable Messages Signs & Tunnel Work; Shop Drawings; FT 683-000-000 Security Measures Around FMT Vent Bldgs.; FT 620 Replace Lane Central Signs & Mod Existing Variable Messages Signs; FT 701 Miscellaneous Repairs to various Structures ...More

CW/08/19/052 82 MSA T4459-82
Details FT 377-000-006 Deck Rehab to 2 Bridges on I-95 & I-395; Miscellaneous, topo CW/08/19/053 83 MSA T4459-83
Details FT 346 Maintenance Complex; FT 630 Landscaping Maintenance; FT 696 Fan Shaft Repairs; FT 770 Install Safety Fencing on I-95 & I-395 Bridges; FT 788 Construct Median Crossover on I-95 60.2 to 60.3 Widen Shoulder; FT 877 Demo Ramp A Bridges at Caton Avenue; FT 975 Fan Shaft Repairs; KB ...More

CW/08/19/051 81 MSA T4459-81
Details FT 312-000-002 Deck Rehab & Miscellaneous Repairs of 12 Bridged North of Tunnel; MA 392-000-002 Pnumatically Applied Mortar to Various Structures; MS 382-000-002/6 Underwater Repairs to 2 Bridges; FT 376-000-002 Roadway Improvements at South Portal Approach to the Ft. McHenry Tunnel; MA 207 Level 3; MA 372-000-006 Install Permanent Changeable ...More

CW/08/16/052 64 MSA T4459-64
Details Drawings-CBB 10-2-87, CBB 10-3-87, CBB 10-5-87, CBB 10-7-87, CBB 10-9-87, Shop Drawings; Shop Drawings-Chesapeake Bay Bridge Eastbound CJ-1755 thru Truss Cantilever, Spans T-23-T-25 1755.4, 1755.5, 1755.6, 1755.9 Drawings; Shop Drawings Chesapeake Bay Bridge Eastbound CJ 1756 Suspension Spans 51-52-53 Erection Drawings Detail Drawings; CBB 12-1-87 Shop Drawings; CBB Eastbound (144) ...More

CW/08/21/053 85 MSA T4459-85
Details Cross Sections; Miscellaneous; KH 488-000-006R Plaza Modifications & Frenchtown Road Bridge Rehab CW/08/16/054 66 MSA T4459-66
Details CBB 4-2-87 Location of Test Piles Test Pile Data; CBB 5-1-87 East Approach Roadway; CBB 5-2-87 East Approach Roadway Paving; CBB 5-2-87 Shop Drawings; CBB 5-2-87 Boring Data; CBB 6-1-87 West Approach Roadway; CBB 6-2-87 West Approach Roadway Paving; CBB 7-1-87 Alternate 1 East Approach Filled Causeway; CBB 8-1-87 Navigation ...More

CW/08/13/054 48 MSA T4459-48
Details CBB 12-1-87 Shop Drawings; topo; Contract #1 H-232-1-437 Box Culvert; Contract #2 H 232-2-437 Susquehanna River Bridge Substructure; Contract #4 H 232-4-437 Susquehanna River Bridge Superstructure; Contract #5 H 232-15-437 Miscellaneous Repairs; Contract #18 H 232-18-437 Maintenance Bldg.; Contract #5 H 232-5-437 Susquehanna River Bridge Navigation & Approach Lighting; Contract ...More

CW/08/14/054 54 MSA T4459-54
Details CBB 12-1-87 Shop Drawings; LB 985-000-000 Westbound Bay Bridge Deck Rehab CW/08/14/053 53 MSA T4459-53
Details C-335-9 Landscaping; C-355-1 MD Approach Roadway Paving; C-355-10 Protective Lighting System; C-355-13 Air Navigation Beacon & Toll Plaza Reconstruction; C-355-16 Alterations & Additions to Administration Bldg.; C-355-2 Substructure Potomac River Bridge; C-355-4 Superstructure Potomac River Bridge; C-355-5 East Approach Roadway; C-355-6 Administration Bldg. & Toll Plaza; C-355-7 Fender System; C-355-8 ...More

CW/08/15/051 57 MSA T4459-57
Details BRB 9 747 Widening & Overlay of the Canton Viaduct; BRB 9 747-1 Substructure-Piers 11-13 Canton Viaduct; BRB 9 719 Widening of the Canton Viaduct; BRB 3 590 Administration Bldg. Areaway & Service Entrance; BRB 9 786 Replace Fire Service Line from Service Bldg. to Fairfield Emergency Garage; BRB 9 ...More

CW/08/07/054 12 MSA T4459-12
Details BRB 8-886 Treadle Replacement & Paving Repairs Toll Plaza; BEB 8-887 Roof Rehabilitation Administration & Maintenance Bldg.; BRB 8-908 Metal Storage Bldg. Western Shore; BRB 8-942 Stevensville Interchange Landscaping; TFA 2-1080-40 Deck Repairs between Piers 24, 27 Eastbound Bridge; TFA 2-1220-40 Install Drainage Troughs Westbound Bridge; LB 509-000-000 Rehab Traffic ...More

CW/08/14/051 51 MSA T4459-51
Details BRB 8-584 Widening & Addition Toll Booths & Plaza; BRB 8-598 Dock Replacement West Shore; PB 17 Navigational Lighting & Traffic Controls; PB 18 Additions & Modifications to the Administration Bldg. Toll Booths & Plaza; PB 25 West Approach Roadway East Bound Crossover; BRB 8-613 Roadway Lighting; BRB 8-620 Inspection ...More

CW/08/14/050 50 MSA T4459-50
Details BRB 451 Canton Emergency Garage Sewer Systems; BRB 473 Ticket Sales Office Addition to Administration Bldg.; BRB 490 Tunnel Police Booths; BRB 9 -583 Lane Addition-Southbound Approach to Toll Plaza; BRB 9 591R Sanitary Sewer Connections at Administration Bldg. Fairfield Service Bldg.; BRB 9 593 Removal & Repl. of Overlay ...More

CW/08/07/053 11 MSA T4459-11
Details BRB 427 Additions & Alterations-Administration Bldg.; BRB 428 RIP-RAP Replacement Bents 13-29; BRB 439 Modifications to East Approach Roadway; BRB 442 Widening West Approach & One Way Signs; BRB 443 Modifications to Inspection Facility; BRB 449 Resurfacing Roadway; BRB 462 Modifications to East Approach & One Way Sign; BRB 464 ...More

CW/08/14/049 49 MSA T4459-49
Details BRB 426 Alterations to the Susquehanna River Bridge; BRB 429 Pavement Rehabilitation; BRB 437 Resurfacing; BRB 448 Reconstruction West Approach; BRB 2-606 Median Barrier on West Approach; BRB 2-614 Toll Plaza Pavement Reconstruction; BRB 2-691 Maintenance Bldg. Addition; BRB 2-711 Toll Plaza Lighting; BRB 2-723 Bridge Rehabilitation; BRB 2-755 Backfill ...More

CW/08/15/049 55 MSA T4459-55
Details BRB 4-892 Lighting & Signing Quarantine Interchange; BRB 4-894 Parking Lot Constr. Engr./Finance Bldg.; BRB 4-907 Access Road Paving Hawkins Point Compount; TFA 2-1530-60 Resurfacing of Ramp A Exit 44; KB 261-000-002 Parking/Storage Lot for Truck Inspection Station; TFA 2-9660-60 Shoulder Widening at Median Crossing; TFA 2-1610-60 Off Ramp Constr. ...More

CW/08/12/053 41 MSA T4459-41
Details BRB 4-563-4 Shop Drawings; BRB 4-624 Bit. Conc. Paving for Police compound; BRB 4-628 Parallel Curtis Creek Bridge Boring Plans; BRB 4-677 Eastbound Bridges over MD RTE 10 & Ramp B; BRB 4-697 Dualization of Mainline Paving Ritchie Hwy. to Quarantine Road; BRB 4-722 Francis Scott Key Bridge Fender System ...More

CW/08/12/052 40 MSA T4459-40
Details B 683-53-472 I-95 Widening City Line to Baltimore Beltway; B 784-501-480 Deck Replacement at Interchange; B 635-269-420 Signing; B 635-273-420 Lighting, I-95; B 682-068-472 Fencing I-95; B 682-52-472 Landscaping I-95; B 682-068-472, B 818-017-476 B MD RTE 43/I-95 Ramps; B 682-072-478 Slide Correction; B 682-48-420 Fencing; B 682-58-472 Bridge Safety ...More

CW/08/17/051 69 MSA T4459-69
Details AW 627-6-015 Test Borings-Tunnel & Approaches; PT 101-138 Patapsco Tunnel Project Standard Drawings; PT 101 West Approach Expressway-Washington Blvd.; PT 101 Shop Drawings; HT 796 Drainage Improvements CW/08/06/050 2 MSA T4459-2
Details 3371 I-895/Lombard Street & Ponca Street Interchange; Canton Co. of Baltimore Sealand Service Facility-Marginal Wharf Canton Railroad Terminals; City-Control #1780 Moravia Road & Connections from Relocated Bowleys Lane to 1100' West of Pulaski Highway; City Control #2000 Grading, Curbing, Paving & Drainage E. Lombard St. & Ponca St.; City DPW-Proposal ...More

CW/08/08/051 15 MSA T4459-15
Details 3324 Widening of I-95 from South of Caton Avenue to Russell Street; 2073 Highway Signing & Lighting I-95 Eastern AVenue to JFK Highway; 2521 Highway Signing & Lighting I-95 Russell Street to Hanover Street Sign Modifications to Southwest of City; 2655 General Motors Plant Expansion Pedestrian Bridge over Broening Highway; ...More

CW/08/19/050 80 MSA T4459-80
Details 2620 I-95 Clinton Street to Holabird Avenue Toll Plaza & Administration Facility; 2510 Newgate Avenue Vail Street, Keith Avenue; 2427 I-95 Clinton Street to Holabird Avenue I-95 Holabird Avenue to Sta. 231 & 45 Keith Avenue Newkirk Street to Sta. 54 & 40; 2549 I-95 Ft. McHenry Tunnel East Approach CW/08/18/049 73 MSA T4459-73
Details 2564 Ft. McHenry Tunnel Emergency Stations; 2566 Ft. McHenry Tunnel Roadway Paving Project; 2548R Ft. McHenry Tunnel West Approach; 2499 I-95 1200' West of Key Hwy. to Vicinity of Andre Street CW/08/18/051 75 MSA T4459-75
Details 2547 Ft. McHenry Tunnel Trench Tunnel; FT 852-000-002 Miscellaneous Interior Repairs to Ft. McHenry Tunnel; 2563 Ft. McHenry Tunnel Mechanical, Electrical & Finish Project; 2562 Ft. McHenry Tunnel Ventilation Bldg. Substructure; 2646R Ft. McHenry Tunnel Tunnel Ventilation System CW/08/18/050 74 MSA T4459-74
Details 2370 I-95 Clinton Stret to Holabird Avenue I-95 Keith Avenue Interchange Conrail and Canton Railroad Relocations; TF 465 Replacement of Pedestrian Tunnel Door Lock System; FT 702 Miscellaneous Renovations and Toll Plaza Modifications CW/08/17/054 72 MSA T4459-72
Details 2368 I-95 East of Hanover Street to 1200 West of Key Hwy.; 2273 I-95 Middle Branch of Patapsco River to 200' East of Hanover Street with Ramps J & K and Reloc. Dickman Street; 2271R I-95 Middle Branch of Patapsco River Crossing & Ramps CW/08/18/052 76 MSA T4459-76
Details 2219 I-95 West of Russell Street to Old Annapolis Road & Ramps C & D; 2204 I-95 1500' East of Washington Blvd. to West of Russell Street & Ramps A, B, G;2203 I-95 Western MD Railroad to 1500' East of Washington Blvd.; 2202 I-95 from 200' East of Desoto Road ...More

CW/08/18/054 78 MSA T4459-78
Details 2195 I-95 from Canton Avenue to 200' East of Desoto Road; 1781 I-95 Southwest City Line to Canton Avenue, including Joh Avenue Structures & Caton Avenue Structures & Interchange; 2115 Signing South of Kane Street at Bayview Avenue to East of Kane Stret at Fait Avenue; 2301 Highway Signing & ...More

CW/08/19/049 79 MSA T4459-79
Details 2183 I-395 600' West to 600' East of Russell Street; 3319 Relocated Ramp D from I-395 Spur & Relocated Lee Street; 2181 I-395 Henrietta Street to Camden Street to Sharp Street; 3340 I-395 Widening & Intersection Modifications; 2371 I-395 Ostend Street to South of Hamburg Street; 2491 I-395 Spur & ...More

CW/08/18/053 77 MSA T4459-77
Details 1997 I-95 from the West Side of Gusryan Street to the East Side of Kane Street; 1998 I-95 from O'Donnell Street to West of Gusryan Street; 2641 Repairs to Mt. Caramel Cemetary Retaining Wall; 2314 Pipe Tunnel Under Boston Street West of Haven Street; 2373 Interchange I-95/I-83 North of Poncabird ...More

CW/08/17/053 71 MSA T4459-71
Details 1984 Moravia Road Bridges Ramps C & E over Pulaski Hwy.; 2072 C&O/B&O Railroad over Moores Run; 1996 I-95 Viaduct from Southh of Canton Railroad at Bayview Avenue to North of Herring Run; 1959 Eastern Avenue Interchange; 1962 Relocated Canton Railroad Spur Over I-95; 2071 Pedestrian Overpass Kane Street to ...More

CW/08/17/052 70 MSA T4459-70