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(Safeco Title Company Collection)

(Salary and Subsidary Payroll)

(Salary Plans)

(Sale Book)

(Sale Ledger)

(Sale Orders)

(Sale Orders, Securities)

(Sales Ledger)

(Salisbury File)

(Sanborn Map)

(Sanitary Commission Liens, Index)

(Sanitary District Plats)

(Satisfaction Record)


(Savings and Loan Investigation File)

(Savings and Loan Investigation File, Index)

(Scharf Collection)

(Scholarship File)

(School Accounts)

(School and Loan Tax Ledger)

(School Book Record)

(School Book Tax Ledger)

(School Commissioners Minutes)

(School Donations)

(School File)

(School Histories)

(School Ledger)

(School Minutes)

(School Papers)

(School Proceedings)

(School Reports)

(School Tax Ledger)

(Schools Meet the Challenge)



(Scraping License Record)

(Sea Level Rise Data)

(Secretarys File)

(Securities Enforcement File)

(Securities Register)

(Securities Registration File)

(SEI Reports)

(Self Insurers File)

(Senate Bill Book)

(Sensitive Species Project Review Areas, Georeferenced Vector Files)

(Sensitive Species Project Review Areas, TNTmips E Size Layouts)

(Sentence Book)

(Series A)

(Series C)

(Series I)

(Series, Index)

(Service Record Requests Register)

(Service Record Requests)

(Service Record, Officers)

(Service Record, World War I)

(Service Records, Maryland National Guard)

(Service Records, Maryland National Guard, Index)

(Servicemarks and Trademarks)



(Session Notes)

(Settlers and Purchasers Lots)

(Settlers, Index)

(Sewage Plans)

(Sewer Permits)

(Sewer Plats, Annapolis)

(Sewerage Commission)

(Sharpe Papers)

(Sheriff's Ledger)

(Sheriff's Sales Record)

(Sheriffs Account Book)

(Sheriffs Account Record)

(Sheriffs and Constables Fee Book)

(Sheriffs Appointments)

(Sheriffs Collection Record)

(Sheriffs Docket)

(Sheriffs Docket, Index)

(Sheriffs Fee Book)

(Sheriffs Ledger)

(Sheriffs Reports)

(Sheriffs Sale Record)

(Ship Manifests)

(Ship Passenger Lists)

(Ships Trading in Maryland)

(Shoreline Changes Maps)

(Shoreline Erosion Rates Data)

(Shoreline Files)

(Short Docket)

(Short Notice and Reparation Docket)

(Short Notices and Reparations)

(Shortform Contracts)

(Signature File)

(Sinking Fund Cash Book)

(Sinking Fund Ledger)

(Sister State Agreements)

(Site Development Plans)

(Site Surveys)

(Site Visit Reports)

(Slave Records)

(Slave Statistics Docket)

(Slave Statistics)

(Slave Statistics, Original)

(Slide Program)

(Slides and Tapes)

(Small Estate and Guardianship Record, Index)

(Small Estate Docket)

(Small Estate Docket, Index)

(Small Estate Papers)

(Small Estate Record)

(Social Service Assessments)

(Society of Maryland Guardsmen Papers)

(Soil Conservation Districts)

(Soil Conservation Study)

(Soil Map Overlays)

(Soil Map)

(Solicitor Docket)

(Speakers Bureau File)

(Special Accounting Records)

(Special Appointments)

(Special Appropriations Register)

(Special Appropriations)

(Special Collections File)

(Special Collections)

(Special Collections, Index)

(Special Court Proceedings)

(Special Docket)

(Special Investigations)

(Special Officers Appointments)

(Special Officers Bonds)

(Special Police File)

(Special Proceedings Docket)

(Special Proceedings Docket, Index)

(Special Projects, Disks)

(Special Reports)

(Special Warrants)

(Specification File)



(Speedy Judgment Docket)

(Speedy Judgment Papers)

(SPOT Data)

(SPOT View Data)


(Staff Correspondence)

(Staff File)

(Stallion and Jackass Lien Docket)

(Stallion Lien Docket)

(Stallion Liens)

(Standard Salary Board Minutes)

(STARS File)

(State Agency Records Project File)

(State and Local Records Correspondence)

(State Appeals)

(State Building Plans)

(State Constitutional Conventions)

(State Constitutions)

(State Control Section Listings)

(State Deeds and Easements)

(State Deeds, Administrative File)

(State Deeds, Agency Index)

(State Deeds, Agency List)

(State Deeds, Grantor Index)

(State Docket)

(State Fee Book)

(State Highway Administration 94 GRID)

(State Highway Map, Mylars)

(State Hospital Records, Microfilm)

(State Institutions Ledger)

(State Ledger)

(State License Record)

(State Lien Record)

(State Liens)

(State Micrographics Literature)

(State of Maryland Papers Pertaining to Baltimore City)

(State of the Judiciary Address)

(State Parks File)

(State Primary System Map)

(State Publications, Index)

(State Road Case Files)

(State Road Inventories Superseded)

(State Road Inventory)

(State Road Land Acquisition Plat Book)

(State Road Plat Book)

(State Road Plats)

(State Road Plats, Allegany)

(State Road Plats, Anne Arundel)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Allegany)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Anne Arundel)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Baltimore City)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Baltimore)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Calvert)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Caroline)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Carroll)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Cecil)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Charles)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Dorchester)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Frederick)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Garrett)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Harford)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Howard)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Kent)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Montgomery)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Prince George's)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Queen Anne's)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Somerset)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, St. Mary's)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Talbot)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Washington)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Wicomico)

(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards, Worcester)

(State Road Plats, Baltimore City)

(State Road Plats, Baltimore)

(State Road Plats, Calvert)

(State Road Plats, Caroline)

(State Road Plats, Carroll)

(State Road Plats, Cecil)

(State Road Plats, Charles)

(State Road Plats, Copies)

(State Road Plats, Dorchester)

(State Road Plats, Frederick)

(State Road Plats, Garrett)

(State Road Plats, Harford)

(State Road Plats, Howard)

(State Road Plats, Index)

(State Road Plats, Kent)

(State Road Plats, Microfilm)

(State Road Plats, Montgomery)

(State Road Plats, Prince George's)

(State Road Plats, Queen Anne's)

(State Road Plats, Somerset)

(State Road Plats, St. Mary's)

(State Road Plats, Talbot)

(State Road Plats, Washington)

(State Road Plats, Wicomico)

(State Road Plats, Worcester)

(State Road Property Plan Book)

(State Road Right of Way Plat Book)

(State Road Right of Way Plats)

(State Road Videos)

(State Roads Commission Land Acquisition Docket)

(State Roads Commission Land Acquisition Index)

(State Roads Commission Land Acquisition Papers)

(State Roads Commission Land Acquisition Record)

(State Roads Commission Meeting Minutes & Memoranda of Action)

(State Roads Plat, Index)

(State Roads Plats)

(State Tax Lien Record)

(State Tax Liens)

(State-Wide Preservation Planning Project)

(State-Wide Records Inventory, Quinquennial)

(States Attorneys Docket)

(Statewide Grid Maps, Image Files)

(Statewide Grid Maps, Mylars)

(Statistical Reports)

(Statistics and Requisitions)


(Status Cards)

(Steam Boiler Inspection Reports)

(Stet and Dormant Docket)

(Stet Docket)

(Stet Papers)

(Stewards Cash Book)

(Stock Assessment Record)

(Stock Division Record)

(Stock Ledger)

(Stock Proprietors List)

(Stock Quotations)

(Stockholders List)

(Stockholders List, Counties)

(Stoppage of Payments)

(Storm Drain Plains)

(Storm Drain Plan, Indexing)

(Storm Drain Plans)

(Storm Drain Plat Book)

(Storm Drainage Plats)

(Street Coordinates)

(Street File)

(Street Name Changes)

(Student Cards)

(Student Record)

(Student Record, Nonpublic Schools)

(Studies and Reports)

(Styles of Court)

(Subdivision and Condominium Plats, Aperture Cards)

(Subdivision and Condominium Plats, Aperture Cards, Microfilm)

(Subdivision and Condominium Plats, Microfilm)

(Subdivision File)

(Subdivision Plats)

(Subdivision Plats, Accession Forms)

(Subdivision Plats, Allegany)

(Subdivision Plats, Anne Arundel)

(Subdivision Plats, Aperture Cards)

(Subdivision Plats, Baltimore City)

(Subdivision Plats, Baltimore)

(Subdivision Plats, Calvert)

(Subdivision Plats, Caroline)

(Subdivision Plats, Carroll)

(Subdivision Plats, Carroll, Raster Files)

(Subdivision Plats, Cecil)

(Subdivision Plats, Charles)

(Subdivision Plats, Dorchester)

(Subdivision Plats, Frederick)

(Subdivision Plats, Garrett)

(Subdivision Plats, Harford)

(Subdivision Plats, Howard)

(Subdivision Plats, Index)

(Subdivision Plats, Kent)

(Subdivision Plats, Montgomery)

(Subdivision Plats, Prince George's)

(Subdivision Plats, Queen Anne's)

(Subdivision Plats, Receipts)

(Subdivision Plats, Somerset)

(Subdivision Plats, St. Mary's)

(Subdivision Plats, Talbot)

(Subdivision Plats, Washington)

(Subdivision Plats, Wicomico)

(Subdivision Plats, Worcester)

(Subject File)

(Subject File, Index)

(Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Files)

(Subpeona Docket)

(Subpoena Docket)

(Subpoena Docket, Rough)

(Subversive Activities File)

(Summer School Registrations)

(Summons and Citations)

(Summons and Receipts)

(Summons Docket)


(Summons, Warrants and Subpoenas)

(Supersedeas Docket)

(Supersedeas Papers)

(Supersedeas Record)

(Supplementary Judgment Index)

(Supplementary Proceedings)

(Supreme Bench of Baltimore City)

(Surface Water Management)

(Surplus Line Brokers)

(Survey Book Circulation Database)

(Survey Book Database)

(Survey Forms)

(Survey Lists)

(Survey Papers)

(Survey Record)

(Survey Record, Index)

(Survey Reports)

(Surveyors Affidavits)

(Surveys and Schedules)

(Suspensions and Disbarments)


Sidney Brower Collection - Urban Renewal Plans and Studies

State's Attorney's Office for Baltimore City

Street Improvement Records